Available thesis topics

Currently, we offer the following topics. Nevertheless, if you have your own topic, or you want to work at something slightly different than our topics cover, do not hesitate to contact us anyway, or come to visit us. Adjustment of the topic to your liking is not a problem, or we can come up with a completely new one for you.

Physiological response of birds to fear (PDF)

Ecology of birds living in human settlements and agricultural landscape (PDF)

Ecology of ravens in dumbsites

Spatial ecology of rooks in České Budějovice

Predator recognition by untrained birds

Red-backed shrike – antipredatory strategy, personality, and cognitive abilities (PDF)

Research of birds foraging behaviour (PDF)

Life strategy of arctic tern (PDF)






Nest parasitism – shrike vs. cuckoo (PDF)

Bioacoustic (PDF)