Available thesis topics

Currently, we offer following topics. Nevertheless, if you have your own topic, or you want to work at something slightly different than our topics cover, do not hesitate to contact us anyway, or come to visit us. Adjustment of the topic to your liking is not a problem, or we can come up with a completely new one for you.

Physiological response of birds to fear

Physiological response of birds to fear (PDF)

  • Bachelor / Master thesis
  • Literary review
  • Study of chosen physiological parametres during cage experiments with great tits (Parus major)

If interested, contact Jája Beránková via her email jaja.berankova@gmail.com

Antipredatory behaviour of corvids

Antipredatory behaviour of corvids (PDF)

Do you want to work with one of the most intelligent bird species?
Do you want to learn something about their cognitive abilities?
Do you want to cooperate with one of the most prestigious teams studying animal cognitive ethology?

  • Bachelor / Master thesis
  • Study will be carried out in cooperation with Department of Cognitive Biology at University of Vienna and Konrad Lorenz Forschungsstelle in Grünau im Almtal (Austria, prof. Thomas Bugnyar).
  • Experiments will be conducted at three research facilities in Austria (Grünau im Almtal in the Alps, Zoo Schönbrunn in Vienna, and at the corvids breeding station in Haidlhof).
  • The work will consist of behaviour observations and experiments, and of bioacustical analysis of warning calls.

If interested, contact Petr Veselý via his email petr-vesely@seznam.cz

Ecology of birds living in human settlements and agricultural landscape

Ecology of birds living in human settlements and agricultural landscape (PDF)

  • Bachelor / Master thesis
  • Work in field as well as in a lab, or just evaluation of already existing data
  • Learning useful modern methods which are applicable in practice

If interested, contact Jan Havlíček via his email JanHavlicek.cz@gmail.com or come to Building B, 1st floor, door No. 264 for a friendly chat.

Red-backed shrike – antipredatory strategy, personality, and cognitive abilities

Red-backed shrike – antipredatory strategy, personality, and cognitive abilities (PDF)

Do you like ethology?
Do you want to experience the beauties (and sometimes sorrows) of field experiments?
Come and join us in research of red-backed shrikes (Lanius collurio).

  • Bachelor / Master thesis
  • Where? Training area (proving ground) Hradiště (Doupovské hory)
  • When? June/July
  • Objective? Experiments in field, data evaluation, writing your thesis, defending your thesis.

If interested, contact Míša Syrová via her email syrova.michaela@seznam.cz or come to Building B, 1st floor, door No. 263 for a friendly chat.

Research of bird foraging behaviour

Research of bird foraging behaviour (PDF)

Do you like green biology, but you don’t want to spend the whole summer in field?
Do you prefer to work ‘inside’, but you still want to work with ‘live’ material?
Do you like etology?
Do you want to participate on research of bird foraging behaviour?

  • Bachelor / Master thesis
  • Cage experiments with birds, mostly with great tits (Parus major).
  • Study of foraging behaviour and cognitive abilities, observation and evaluation of reactions to different kinds of prey, data evaluation, critical review.

If interested, contact Tereza Drábková via her email drabkova.tereza@gmail.com or come to Building B, 1st floor, door No. 263 for a friendly chat.

Life strategy of arctic tern

Life strategy of arctic tern (PDF)

Who is arctic tern (Sterna paradisea)?

A representative of Sterna genus (closely related to Laridae) which nests in arctic areas and wintes in regions close to Antarctica.
It also performs the longest migration routes in the whole bird kingdom, it travels more than 80,000 km every year.

  • Bachelor / Master thesis
  • Join our research team that focuses on life strategies of this amazing species.
  • Write your bachelor / master thesis on topics such as:
    • breeding ecology – incubation behaviour, breeding success, antipredatory strategies.
    • monitoring of migration routes with use of the most modern technologies available.
  • Furthermore, you can be part of an expedition to Svalbard, where arctic terns usually breed, and you collect the data directly in the Arctic.

If interested, contact Tereza Hromádková via her email hromadkova.ter@gmail.com.

Acoustical communication in birds

Acoustical communication in birds (PDF)

Are you interested in bird acoustical communication?
Would you like to combine both work in field and at your computer desk?
Don’t hesitate and do bioacoustics!

  • Bachelor / Master thesis
  • Individuality among birds, territorial behaviour, repertoire, and more..
  • Work with acoustical programmes Avisoft and Raven
  • For technically oriented students with interests in bioinformatics:
    • automatical detection of songs
    • automatical identification of individuals
    • use of bioacoustical packages in R
    • programming in R

If interested, contact Saša Průchová via her email alex.pruchova@gmail.com or visit her at the B building, first floor, door No. 254.