Antipredatory behaviour of corvids - available thesis topic

Antipredatory behaviour of corvids (PDF)

Do you want to work with one of the most intelligent bird species?
Do you want to learn something about their cognitive abilities?
Do you want to cooperate with one of the most prestigious teams studying animal cognitive ethology?

  • Bachelor / Master thesis
  • Study will be carried out in cooperation with Department of Cognitive Biology at University of Vienna and Konrad Lorenz Forschungsstelle in Grünau im Almtal (Austria, prof. Thomas Bugnyar).
  • Experiments will be conducted on three research facilities in Austria (Grünau im Almtal in the Alps, Zoo Schönbrunn in Vienna, and at the corvids breeding station in Haidlhof).
  • The work will consist of behaviour observations and experiments, and of bioacustical analysis of warning calls.

If interested, contact Petr Veselý via his email

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